Thursday, 21 May 2009

Communicator Automatic Updates

Today I was looking for the latest Knowledgebase number for Communicator R2 for a document and was expecting to find the article for 3.5.6907.9.

I was rather surprised to find the article for 3.5.6907.22 (kb971083), dated 19th May 2009. There are a number of updates within it but the one that jumped out was to fix a bug that has broken automatic updates.

For those of us who decided to use Automatic Updates and had to work though the numerous issues in getting it to work, this is to say the least rather annoying.

After doing some research I came across a post on Aaron Tiensivu’s Blog (link), on a way to update clients who are running 3.5.6907.9 to 3.5.6907.22. While this method allows clients to be updated without administrators having to visit each PC, it still requires user interaction and is not something that could be done without warning.

Anyone doing this should send out information to their users before hand on how to perform the update.

Another option would be to push out the patch via Group Policy, SCCM or other similar products; but if you wanted to use these methods why would you use the Communicator Update option in OCS?

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