Sunday, 23 May 2010

Remote Call Control Lives On

At the start of December 2009 I wrote a blog post on how Remote Call Control (RCC) was going to be depreciated in the Wave 14 release of OCS.

This was based on Microsoft and Cisco: Joint Interoperability Support Statement, which was released at the time. This document has now been updated and can be found here.

Within this document is the following statement:

“Remote Call Control is supported by Microsoft in Office Communications Server 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007 R2 and will continue to be supported for both new customers and customers upgrading their Remote Call Control deployments to the next release of Office Communications Server. “

This new statement indicates that RCC will continue to be supported for both new and existing customers compared to the pervious statement which announced the deprecation and support for upgrades only.

This change will certainly have a knock on effect in terms of how people look to deploy Wave 14, how partners have positioned RCC and Wave 14 with existing and potential customers.

When RCC was not going to be supported for new deployments, customers had to make a decision:

  • Deploy OCS 2007 R2 with RCC today and upgrade to Wave 14
  • Not deploy RCC and for all intense purposes keep their PBX and OCS separate
  • Move to Wave 14 as their PBX and move away from the PBX they have today

Customers now have the same options as they did with OCS 2007 R2, which is to continue with their PBX and deploy OCS with RCC, assuming the PBX supports this.

For customers who see the value of using Wave 14 as their PBX this will not stop them moving but for those who want to use the OCS functionality but retain their PBX the decision is now a lot easier.

One thing is for certain, interesting times are ahead.